While sitting in the living room with my parent me and my dad hear a big bang. When we got to our porch we watched as our gate goes flying off  our fence. 

Whoa!! Dude, that’s intense! How’d it do that!? And are you guys alright!?

We are fine lol. The gate when flying off the fence because the wind was really bad. We had about 75MPH wind blow through our neighborhood. A bunch of trees came down in our neighborhood. It was a very interesting morning!! :D



So this whole scene speaks to me cause it’s all about people going out of their way to exclude you from something. Half/most of the people on tumblr have experienced this…some more than others. I know I have. 

It’s tough to take that long walk to the empty table and just sit there knowing either people are glaring at you or not even paying attention to you. And yet you find some kind of solace in simply sitting there by yourself…cause you’re so used to it.

Hiccup’s very used to it at this point. And what’s sad is he’s not even trying to sit with them, he’s just getting his food and he’ll be on his way, but Snotlout’s so fixated on making sure Hiccup knows he’s not welcome there.

Anyways…after that whole long swan song…I like this scene, makes Hiccup very relatable to me a lot of people.